Pat Fineday Runs the NYC Marathon

Honoring Pat Fineday—Sweetgrass First Nation

November 6, 2022, Pat Fineday checked an item off his bucket list. He participated and completed the New York City Marathon. Pat is 56 years old, and he’s been running seriously since 2016 after his wife passed. He ran the Edmonton Marathon in 2017 and a half marathon in Vancouver in May of 2022. He runs various half marathons and 10Ks mostly in Banff and Edmonton. He usually follows a training schedule a few months before any marathon. Currently, Pat is running just to keep in shape.

Pat Fineday was honored with a star blanket on Friday, November 25, 2022, by Sweetgrass Chief & Council. Sweetgrass First Nation is very proud of Pat’s personal accomplishment! Keep up the great work! You are a role model and motivator to many!

Starblanket Honoring

L—R, Councillor Rod Atcheynum, Councillor Isaac Thomas, Pat Fineday, Councillor Donovan Arcand, Chief Lorie Ann Whitecalf


Pat Completing the NYC Marathon


Medal & Memorabilia from NYC Marathon

The cold weather doesn’t stop Pat