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As a result of the 2012 Community Development and Capacity Building Framework and subsequent national and regional initiatives, Saskatchewan has developed a Community Development Strategy.  This strategy begins with the premise that community change must start with the community and the approach must be flexible, adaptive and inclusive.  The Community Development Strategy has five main components:

  • Community Navigator and Community Advisory Team
  • Comprehensive Community Plan (CCP)
  • Capacity Self-Assessment
  • Online Indicators, Dashboard
  • Partnerships

Comprehensive community planning (CCP) is a wholistic process undertaken with broad community participation.  A comprehensive approach:

  • Enables the community to establish a vision for its future and implement projects to achieve this vision
  • Helps ensure that community projects and programs are thought through, make sense and are the best use of resources; and
  • Integrates and links all other plans the community has produced.
  • Benefits of Planning for Our Community
  • Once in place, an effective community plan can:
    • Empower the community.  The community becomes more self-aware, creates its own future, and has the tools to respond to change in an effective manner.
    • Improve performance.  Having a plan leads to informed decision-making, combines fragmented efforts, decreases duplication, enables efficient use of resources, and identified and solves organizational problems.
    • Build teamwork and expertise.  Planning improves communications within First Nation’s government, builds managerial and staff skills and supports capacity-building efforts.


Please click on link to view document: SWEETGRASS FIRST NATION COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY PLAN 2022 

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