Sweetgrass School

Sweetgrass First Nation receives second level education services from Treaty Six Education Council (TSEC). These are the services provided: 

  • Supporting the education committee
  • IT technician support
  • Early learning and literacy support
  • Implementing the high cost special education program
  • Assisting with screening and assessments for speech pathology

 SG School

  • Approximate enrollment of 70 students
  • K4 to Grade 7

Sweetgrass School will provide our children with a cultural sense of identity so they may be successful in today’s society. The cultural aspect will assist the child to develop a positive self-esteem.  The child should be governed by a value system identified by the elders. The school shall strive to provide a quality Academic education. The school will encourage Parents, Elders, and the Community to be part of the child’s education.

In the eyes of our Creator, we must put an effort towards Holistic Educational Partnership between the School and Community to make the lives of our Children an everyday Success.

  • Principal – Lester Favel
  • Education Secretary - Daylen Pooyak
  • Grade 1/2 - Tekoa Starr
  • Cree/TLC - Miranda Moosomin
  • Grade PK/K - Rochelle Weenie
  • Grade 5/6/7 - Tyler Tootoosis
  • SLP/Math Catalyst - Lisa Paskemin
  • Grade 3/4 - Rae Nightraveller
  • Student Support - Chanda Morin
  • Kitchen - Portable - Clint Swimmer
  • Kitchen - Portable - Geraldine Swimmer
  • Maintenance - Gordon Paskemin
  • Custodian - Ernest Fineday
  • Home Liaison - Jessica Oksasikewiyin
  • EA - Desiree Albert
  • EA - Holly Baptiste
  • EA - Collista Paskemin
  • EA - Kyler Albert
  • EA - Alana Kennedy
  • EA - Cherie Noon
  • EA - Meaghan Kasokeo
  • EA - Rianna Pooyak
  • Elder in Residence - Julia Frank
  • Mental Health - Nadine Favel

P.O. Box 80
Gallivan, SK
S0M 0X0

Phone: 306-937-2974
Fax: 306-937-2510



  • Location: Sweetgrass School
  • Hours: 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM / Monday - Friday
  • Contact (306) 481-3464

As School Liaison, Jess works with students and teachers at Sweetgrass School and maintains a good relationship with parents. She is also involved with in-school activities at Sweetgrass School and assists in the following:

  • Student-Led Conferences
  • Graduations: Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 7 graduations
  • Fund raising activities for various classrooms
  • Chaperone for out of school events
School Bus Transportation
  • Sweetgrass First Nation provides busing to North Battleford, Cut Knife and Sweetgrass School. Students that require school transportation must contact Jess to make arrangements
Student Allowance (Grade 7 - 12)


  • Students must be living in Sweetgrass First Nation to receive this incentive
  • Grade 7 to 12 only
  • Students are required to maintain a 90% attendance rate
  • Must have less than 4 days of unexcused absence each month
  • Suspensions will disqualify students from receiving allowance for that month.

Student Incentives are provided 3 times per year:

  • September - December
  • January - March
  • April - June
  • Delivered to each school during the 2nd week of December, March & June.
  • Pick up is availabe at the School Liaison Office after delivery is complete

School Supplies  - Funding

  • Available to all students from K - Grade 12, who are registered members of Sweetgrass First Nation
  • Cheques are handed out in the:
    • 2nd week of September and
    • 2nd week of February
    • Dates, times and location of distribution will be posted on the SG Mobile App & other social media platforms
  • If mail out is required, please update the School Liaison with your current address
  • Please call or text Jess, if you are making arrangements for someone to pick up your cheque
Other Services
  • Graduation Dinner in June for grade 12 graduates who are registered Sweetgrass First Nation members. Contact Jess, if you are graduating this year!
  • An honorarium is provided to grade 12 graduates to off-set costs. Please call Jess for more information
  • Summer Student Program. Keep on the look out for job postings


Sweetgrass Education Committee

  • Kim Night
  • Max Fineday
  • Quentin Weenie
  • Education Portfolio: Councillors Rod Atcheynum & Isaac Thomas

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