Lands & Registry



  • Location: Lands & Registry Office, Building No. (beside Sweetgrass General Store)
  • Hours: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM / Monday - Friday
  • Contact: 306-937-3611


Treaty Cards
  • By appointments only. Call the Lands & Registry Office to book
  • Appoinments on Mondays & Wednesdays only
  • Two pieces of ID are required
  • Apply for a Secure Certificate of Indian Status from here: SECURE CERTIFICATE OF INDIAN STATUS

Registering a Child for Treaty Status - Requirements:

  • A completed child application for registration (application link below)
  • An original copy of the birth Certificate showing parental information
  • A photo i.d. of one of the parents
  • A guarantors declaration must be completed and signed by someone who can verify your identity. 
  • If both parents are on the birth certificate then both parents must sign the application

The forms can be found in the following link:


Mail the completed forms to:      

Indigenous Services Canada
110-3601 5th Avenue East
S6W 0A2
Band Membership Transfer
  • Contact the Lands & Registry Office for more information


TLE Committee
  • Garry Albert, Chair
  • Eileen Pooyak
  • Bruce Sack
  • Agnes Albert - TLE Coordinator
  • TLE Portfolio - Chief Lorie Ann Whitecalf


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