Battleford RCMP Detachment Honours Sweetgrass Security Team

UPDATED WITH MORE PHOTOS! Our Sweetgrass Security Team was honored today by the Battlefords RCMP detachment. THANK YOU KIRK, DEAN, & GARNET, FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO FOR SWEETGRASS! They received a certificate, a blanket, a commemorative coin, and tobacco.
The inscription on their certificates read, "In recognition and thanks for your exceptional service and help that you provided to the Battlefords RCMP detachment members of the past years. Your help and support is extremely appreciated. Your help and assistance has made the job the RCMP has to do, easier and has helped us to make the Sweetgrass First Nation a safer home to so many people. Thank you very much!"
- Inspector Jesse Gilbert, Battlefords RCMP Detachment, "F" Division, Saskatchewan